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Off to Brighton

We, the students of Englisch Wahlpflichtfach, and our teacher Ms Valorz had been looking forward to going on our language trip to Brighton for many months.

On November 2nd we finally started our exciting trip. All of us were lucky to have very kind host families who we stayed with for nine days. From Monday to Friday we had lessons at BISS language school, but also at Dorothy Stringer High School. It was really cool to have lessons together with English teenagers. They were all wearing school uniforms, but not on “casual Friday”. In the afternoons we made many excursions. For example, a hike on top of the beautiful cliffs called “Seven Sisters”, or a trip to a town called Lewis. We also explored Brighton and its famous pier or the Brighton Pavilion. Another highlight were the two day trips to London. Ms Valorz and Ms Kandler showed us the most famous sights of London, we went on a river cruise and also took many pictures with famous stars at Madame Tussauds wax museum. Last but not least, our group experienced some scary moments at the London Dungeon – luckily, we all escaped. It was a perfect trip. We could improve our language skills and had an amazing time! And … the weather was NOT very British – lots of sunshine and blue sky!!!

Students of 4abcd (Englisch Wahlpflichtfach)

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