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London calling

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2019

Schülerinnen und Schüler der 4b und 4d schildern ihre Reiseindrücke.

Thursday, 13th of June, sitting in Covent Garden and enjoying our packed lunch and the British atmosphere of this amazing place with its various shops and attractions. We just experienced the Changing of the Guards at the stables.

Half of our time in London is already over. It really seems like time flies here. Even the start of our adventure was very special, because some of us sat in a plane for the first time. We already explored London by ship, by bus, by underground and by cable car. This way we were able to get a lot of different impressions of this great city. Even the queen was at home when we visited the famous Buckingham Palace. We really enjoy being here in London, everything is perfect except for the weather! The host families are very warm hearted and helpful. That's one of the reasons why we can get to know the British culture very well. Don' t forget the tea and the biscuits!

We are looking forward to visiting the famous musical "The Lion King" this evening. At the weekend we are going to visit the Mean Time in Greenwich where we can stand on two time zones at the same time. Hopefully nobody is going to be scared in the London Dungeon on Saturday.

We, the students of the 4 B and the 4 D class are very happy and thankful to Mrs. Walter Katharina for organising such an amazing week in London!

Show What You Know: How many students do you think fit in an English phone booth?

Katharina Walters London-Bilanz in Zahlen:

  • Unzählige Eindrücke wurden gesammelt.

  • 101.500 Schritte machten wir lt. Schrittzähler … ca 85 km.

  • 630 packed lunch sandwiches wurden verspeist.

  • Hunderte Erinnerungsfotos wurden geschossen.

  • 6 Personen wurden von Tauben „markiert“.

  • 2 Koffer kamen auf dem Heimflug am Zielort nicht an.

  • 1 Regenschirm und einige Regenponchos wurden vernichtet.

  • 1 Person ging verloren und wurde rasch gefunden.

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