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English makes the world go round

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2019

Gedanken über das Wahlpflichtfach "Englisch vertieft" von Veronika Valorz

Did you know that people from New Zealand have the nickname “Kiwi”? Funny, isn’t it? This is just one of the interesting and funny facts about different English speaking countries we learned this year. Which of these booklets is your favourite? We put quite some effort in them, didn’t we?

Check out our school’s library and search for the English bookshelf. There’s a huge range of thrilling, interesting, sad, funny, frightening and hilarious stories ready to be explored by you. Did you know that these delicious shamrock-cookies do not only taste good, but also bring you luck? Guess what? Apart from doing book projects, watching movies, giving presentations and playing games to improve our language skills, we are also going on a trip to Brighton and London next school year. AND we have already started preparing for the Cambridge Certificate. Isn’t that cool?

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